Let Sicilian Wines Show You How To End The Summer Right (Forbes)

Rosé has had its moment in the sun. While a light, fruity glass of it certainly suits summertime drinking and #roseallday is a celebrated lifestyle, there exist countless other wines perfect for an afternoon of sunbathing or an outdoor meal at sunset. Italian wine—specifically Sicilian wine—might just be the answer.

Most people envision lush vineyards blanketing the Tuscany region when they think of Italian wines, but Sicily has its own thriving scene which dates back to ancient times. “The island of Sicily is perfect for wine production as it is met with a little over 300 days of warm weather and sunshine throughout the year and has fertile soil,” explained Leslie Sbrocco, wine expert, author of The Simple and Savvy Wine Guide and host of the new national PBS show, 100 Days, Drinks, Dishes & Destinations.

Until the 1950s, most wine produced in Sicily got exported to other parts of the world, helping increase the alcohol content to balancing the color of other wines. Today, this Italian island is a wine destination in its own right. Of course, if booking a trip to Italy isn’t possible, you’re now more likely than ever to find bottles of Sicilian wines at the store—and since the region isn’t as well-known as places like Tuscany or Bordeaux, expect reasonable prices for outstanding vinos.

There are over 400 wine producers that are a part of Sicilia DOC who demonstrate their passion for winemaking in every bottle they produce,” Leslie said. “They’re equally committed to protecting the region as they are to winemaking and their care for the land can be tasted in every bottle.”

So with summer winding down, what better way to end it than on a high note with some outstanding Sicilian wines? Leslie gives her recommendations for both reds and whites, including two of her own favorite wines, Frappato and Grillo.

No need to book a trip to Sicily to enjoy some of Sicilia DOC's finest wines.

A Balanced Red For Life’s Heavy Moments (Both Good And Bad)

Whether you’re trying to unwind from a stressful day or toast at a formal event, a beautifully balanced Nero d’Avola is the choice of drink that should be in your glass. The icon of Sicilian wine making and hero red grape, Nero d’Avola, balances spicy elegance with juicy drinkability. It can range from aromas of dark cherry and pepper with bright freshness to a more full bodied red with sweet spices and cocoa, bringing a glass of comfort complemented with class.”

Sip On Sicilian Whites When It’s Quiet

When living a fast-paced life, the rare and quiet moments to sit back and relax are some of the best. Enjoy that peace and serenity with a glass of Grillo, Sicily’s most famous indigenous white grape. It’s a sip of sunshine with lively citrus notes. For a fuller-bodied option, Catarrato, another indigenous white, sports herbal undertones that pair wonderfully with a seasonal vegetable platter and tangy dip.

A Chilled Wine To Bask In The Sun

On warm days when the sun is shining and all seems right in the world, a chilled glass of red wine offers the best of both worlds. Frappato, Sicily’s cult-favorite answer to Pinot Noir—is served chilled. A fruit-forward, lighter style, this wine is perfect for movies, picnics in the park and everything in between.

Source: Let Sicilian Wines Show You How To End The Summer Right


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