The Most Read Articles of May 2017

From time to time it is useful to stop and look back. We wondered what our readers love most and we decided to have a look to the articles that you especially enjoyed. So, let’s start this short section of the 5 most read articles of the month.

In May 2017, Etna (and Cantine Russo) has attracted a lot of people who browse the pages of our blog. Besides it some of the Sicilian wine women, whom we often love to tell about, such as Arianna Occhipinti (the Natural Woman), Marilina Paternò (with an article published one year ago), and Gina Russo. Among the 5 most read posts even one in English, for our friends beyond the borders.


Here they are:

  1. Gina Russo di Cantine Russo all’interno del CdA della Strada del vino e dei sapori dell’Etna
  2. Piccole Donne Crescono: Marilina e Federica Paternò
  3. 7 Bottles that Put Sicily on the Map of Trendy Wine Regions
  4. Inseguendo il filo di Arianna
  5. L’Etna colpisce ancora. Perché tutti vogliono fare i vini del Vulcano?


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