Nerello Mascalese grape (SantaMariaLaNave)

Nerello Mascalese is the undisputed prince of the vine varieties growing on the mystic Mungibeddu, the Etna volcano. This volcano is located on the eastern coast of Sicily, eternal land of fire and passions, and inherits its extraordinary nuances, enclosing them in a wine of intense flavor and opulent shades that make it truly unique. This uniqueness is partly due to the soil, rich in ashes, mineral salts and sand, of the highest active volcano in Europe that, with its altitude of 3300 meters and its huge conical shape, overlooks uncontested the magnificent Catania and the romantic Taormina.

Its uniqueness is also partly due to the climatic conditions, characterized by strong temperature fluctuations between daytime and nighttime, and to human work: planting density (6000/9000 vines per hectare, with a plant spacing of 1×1 o 1,25×1,25); growing techniques and farming methods preserving the old and traditional bush-training system, with supports of chestnut wood; 2-3 branches per plant, a spur with 2 gems; and an average production of about 60-70 quintals per hectare.
grappoli-uva-nerello-mascaleseThis is the link of Santa Maria La Nave, if you want to know the  history of history of Nerello Mascalese grape.

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