Sicily. Discover Planeta’s wineries – YouTube

From the great white wines of the south-west to the great red wines of the south-east. From the vineyards on the coast, which reach the furthest limits on the Mediterranean sea, absorbing the energy of its sands and its breezes, to those which climb up the slopes of the great volcano Etna, resting on the wide cool and fertile mantle of its hillsides.

Travelling in Sicily means throwing oneself into the history of humanity, travelling in the world of Sicilian wine means discovering a whole and extremely rich wine-growing continent.

Altitudes increase from zero to almost a thousand metres; the winds, the soils and the micro-climates all change. Every year the grape harvest lasts more than 90 days; from the beginning of August near the sea to the end of October at the top of the mountain. A natural biodiversity and a wine making heritage without comparison in the rest of the world. A mosaic composed of thousands of flavors and thousands of sensations. Welcome!