Italian Winemakers Talk Natural Wine –

Nice article with interviews of some Italian Natural Winemakers; among them, obviously, someone from Sicily!

In this case, it has been interviewed Nino Barraco, that says:

“In order to allow our terroir to shine, we like to work naturally. This means we don’t use commercial yeast, no chemicals, and we don’t even add a gram of sulphur, therefore we stay well under the minimum requirement. This allows us to make wines with strong character and a strong sense of place. That’s what I want.

I believe the perfect wine doesn’t exist and I am not trying to make one. For me, it’s important to produce wines that are recognizable and have a personal identity, that have character, a real sense or place.

To make a good wine to me means to make a wine with emotions. That when you taste it, it inspires. That is how I measure quality. It is not based on the level of intensity or clearness of the wine, the important thing is the feelings it induces in people when they drink them. “

Few words even from Giuseppe Di Legami:

“For us, to make a natural wine is to give a wine that is natural from nature and not change the process from nature. So, you have something directly from the earth to the glass.”

This is the all article: Italian Winemakers Talk Natural Wine –


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